• Name: Viola
  • Age: 18 (around 1400 by now)
  • Race: Human
  • Likes: Magic, studying, fruits.
  • Dislikes: Mosquitoes, spell casting failures.
  • Theme: Apocalyptica - Helden


Bio: Viola is a voodoo shaman apprentice from early middle ages. She found herself in the middle of a swamp without any memories and only a voodoo grimoire in her hand. She hopes to regain her memories thanks to magic as well as become the greatest of all shamans. Because of lack of any teacher, she learns everything on her own and so she meets with many magical accidents during her rituals.

Personality: Viola is rather optimistic, free minded and clumsy person. She likes to help others but it usually ends with even bigger disaster. Since Viola likes to learn so much, she spends a lot of time reading books.

Magic: Viola knows many spells from fireballs to love spells. Lately she experiments with time traveling. She keeps a lot of helpful stuff in her bag like cursed dolls, magic powders, elixirs and her mom’s desiccated head. The source of her powers is her lizard stuff which is also an umbrella with a hidden blade in it.


  • Viola’'s real name is Epona Howl and she is 50 years old voodoo shaman mistress. She fought a terrible battle with an imp master. Unable to kill him, Epona gave half of her human self to the demon making him mortal. Unfortunately, Epona lost all her memories and her body was transformed back into a teenager.

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