Trish my first oc by goodie58-d33yox8

(If the picture didn't upload it can be found here) ----> (sorry)

Trish has always been different. A little odd, yes. She scares people sometimes with her... strangeness. But she never cares. And what has always made her even more different to her peers is that she's a dragon. The only other dragons she has ever known were her family members, and she hopes to meet more. Her family likes to hide the fact that they are dragons and would much rather be people, and Trish likes to do the same. Most of the time. She can be violent when pushed too far, but sweet to those kind to her. And as much as she hates it sometimes, she's an uke. She's rough, tough, loud, and sometimes just plain rude. Or she can be a big teddy bear.

Hair color: Strawberry blonde

Eye color in human form: Brown

Eye color in any dragon like form: Gold

Scale color: Dark red and some light tan

Fave food: Pizza with lots of meat

Fave drink: Pop

Fave places to be: Under trees reading, in her room, PE, and ditching classes in the restroom

Weakness: Cute things, free food of any kind, free hand-outs, sob stories, love stories, comedy movies

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