Ophelia Hazer


  • Name: Ophelia Hazer
  • Age: 3 (looks and behaves like 19)
  • Race: S Class Flatfish Imp
  • Gender: Female
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Accessories: Scythe (in her imp form);
  • Likes: Water, Impfrit, sunsets;
  • Dislikes: Homework, bullies, imps;
  • Theme: System Of A Down - Lonely Day


Personality: Very quiet, cautious and withdrawn. She's always sad but never cries (not in public). Ophelia does not speak too much unless she's asked or has something to say. She's also a bit of a coward since she's always in fear that someday underworld will come back for her. Her biggest dream is to have a soul. She's also a bit anorexic.

Bio: Ophelia was created by a powerful demon as an S Class Imp (the originals). Her creation took only 5 days what made her think she was not completely finished. She always felt that she has a lot more of free will than other imps so she escaped the underworld and started normal life between humans.

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