Maria "Mary" Eclipse


  • Name: Maria "Mary" Eclipse
  • Race: Futakuchi-onna
  • Age: 16
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation: Student
  • S/O: Bisexual
  • Theme: Powerglove - The Duck Grinder


Bio: Mary is a younger sister of Sam (all Eclipse sisters aren't sisters in blood). At age of 11 she gave birth and was left with her little daughter. After finding the child's father she got a little mad and so she chopped his head with an axe (+ few more passing by persons but who cares). After arresting her by police and listening to her stories as she hears voice from behind of her head, she was locked down in a mental hospital. Since they took her daughter away from her, it only made Mary crazier. After 5 years, she was realized under the eye of her sister Sam, who now takes care of her treatment.

Karin AFL4 copy

Mary's daughter, Karin.

Personality: Mary is very caring and nice person. She's very curious and childish as she hasn’t seen a lot of world for 5 years. She tries to overcome her serial killing habits but it sometimes happens she snaps out of nowhere and makes a use of her saw.

CommishForVenom master by KaworuN

All Eclipse sisters: Sam, Beth, Mary, Nat and their kitsune friend Bonnie. Art by KaworuN

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