Kumori is a shinigami who has been exiled from her homeland to Earth as a punishment for taking souls from victims "before their time". With barely any knowledge of her new world, she applied at Character High School just so she would have a place to stay at. Here, she awaits for her exile to end. Kumori often causes trouble at school, ranging from skipping class to picking fights and disrespecting teachers. She's quite concieted, but her ego bruises easily.

Likes: Weapons, sour gummy candies, shinigamis, fighting, smoking, being in charge.

Dislikes: Angels, small animals, bookshelves, paper towels, sluts, goody-goodies, authority.

Best subject: Demonology/religion

Worst subject: Social studies

Abilities: Can travel through / manipulate shadows, smoke gives her energy, and has wings.

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