Name: Kamali "Kama" Buso

Age: 15

Race: Demon Vampire

S/O: Bi (but mostly straight ya'know? ;D)

Likes: Fruit, getting what she wants, killi- and I mean fighting, blood

Dislikes: "human food", the sun

Roomate: Kumori Shi

Rival: will edit this but its Malika


Kamali is not your ordinary demon vampire, but she`s not some stupid sparkly twilight fag either. She usually is the one to skip class and cause micheif as long as she has someone to do it with.

At first she didnt like to be friends with anybody, she would tell them to "fuck off" or to "suck a wang" but meeting Kumori and Takeshi she has opened up alot. During her time at CHS she reveals more about herself that people couldnt imagine.

She has kept an stuffed rabbit secretly under her pillow, and only Mark knew about it when she couldnt sleep one time. And also Thomas was the first to realize that she loved hugs, and he allowed her hugging him since, because she reminded him of Hack It alittle.

Kamali has an Love/Hate/Horny relationship with Takeshi.At first when they met, they hated each other and would allways pick on eachother. But thanks to Kemuri`s evil reasons, she started to fall for Takeshi, which made her feel akward arround him.After awhile she met Jessie, which turns to be Takeshi`s "Bro", and it didnt help at all for they were stuck in a assignment together.Acouple days later Kamali gets kinda jealous of Jessie hanging out with Takeshi all the time (even though they are just friends) and finally confessed to him.

One day Kama and Jessie went to the outdoor school pool and was fun and all, and Takeshi saw them and was like "WTF" and left to his room, Kamali went to get him but didnt know where his room was so she climbed outside the school walls and found his room, she got startled when he saw her and her arms dissapeared and she was like "FFFFFF" and fell acouple stories down, but takeshi caught her so it was good in the hood.

After wards when it was time the day before the dance Kamali asked him to the dance, Takeshi said no, and she was like "Oh Yoo Not Man enough", and he was like "FFFFFF I`ll show yoo we have date now" and they had a date and Kamali acted all cute and shit and Takeshi was like a tomato and stuff =u=

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