Bridget Hildr


  • Name: Bridget "FAM" Hildr
  • Age: 16
  • Race: Human
  • S/O: Bi
  • Likes: Winning, fighting, being called pretty.
  • Dislikes: Being called FAM, breasts, being called a boy.
  • Roommate: Kemuri Lee
  • Theme: Billy Talent - Try Honesty
  • Rival: Cats


Sharp-tempered. She beats up anyone that bugs her and that happens a lot. Other girls torment her because of her small breasts and height (calling her "FAM" what stands for Flat Angry Midget). She became a model to take a little revenge on them but her carrier was short after beating the crap out of the director for calling her a boy. Because of her "wild fighting spirit", her parents send her on Aikdo to learn her more selfcontrol, but that didn't helped a lot.

Bridget usually shows up ready to fight as she is often the main target of jokes which are in purpose making her angry. She is somehow a rival of Kumori Shi as they both argue in many pages and RPs (however they never really fought each other).


  • Which is still not revealed on any page or rp, Bridget and Cats are in fact the same person.
  • Both Bridget and Manti are RHS ex-students.

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